Wend-Wood has strived to integrate the best technology with the best talent to create amazing products. Our technology has led the way to producing more efficiently and precisely, while freeing our talented employees to focus on the end product rather then the nuts and the bolts.

Giotto Software



Wend-Wood Currently uses a Giotto CNC Router for its primary production machine. This router is capable of precisely cutting, machine and routing up to 5’ x 10’ panels. This precision allows Wend-Wood to achieve consistent results not only in our casework, but also in our custom counters and walls as well. By utilizing our software and CNC router, Wend-Wood can create counters, walls and counter tops with virtually any radius or angle. Equipment Gallery

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Our Idomatic edgebander allows us to edgband parts in various thicknesses of PVC, Laminate and Wood Tape. We can edgeband parts up to 2” thick, while applying materials up to 3mm in thickness. Equipment Gallery

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Currently our primary production platform is Microvellum Toolbox. Everything from our Shop Drawings to our output driving our CNC Router is handled by this software package. Built on top of Autocad, it allows us to create complex cabinets, counters and counter tops quickly and efficiently.

The flexibility in our software platform has allowed us to improve upon many traditional aspects of cabinetry and millwork. For instance, by utilizing our Software and CNC Router to cut the framework for our custom counters, it allows our craftsman more time to focus on the finish and detail work of the product. Our technology has allowed us to produce complex shaped counters and counter tops nearly as easily as we would a straight piece. The power of our software not only enhances our custom products but our cabinetry as well, allowing us to take a product that 5 years ago would have been a cut and built by hand into a product that can be produced consistently in any quantity.


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