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Wend-Wood, Inc. completes hundreds of projects a year, large and small. Our architectural woodwork and other products can been seen in many locations across Kansas as well as projects in other Midwestern states. Here are a few recent projects we have completed.

Recent Project List Problem Solvers
Project Highlights Specialty Materials and Projects

Recent Project List

3 Elements Hair Salon, Wichita, KS Remington High School
Boys and Girls Club, Wichita, KS Rex Elementary, Haysville, KS
Campus High School, Haysville, KS Sedgwick Country Fire Station #32, Parkcity, KS
Cessna, Wichita, KS Sedgwick County Juvenile Court, Wichita, KS
Cowley County Law Enforcement Center Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Center, Wichita, KS
Cox Communications Retail Store, Wichita, KS Sedgwick County Zoo Restaurant, Wichita, KS
Davis Moore Mazda, Wichita, KS Sleep Inn of Park City, Park City, KS
Eric Fisher Academy, Wichita, KS South Branch YMCA, Wichita, KS
Freeman Elementary, Haysville, KS Spirit, Wichita, KS
Itochu Vantage, Waterfront, Wichita, KS St. James Episcopal Church, Wichita, KS
Kansas Heart Hospital Susan B. Allen, El Dorado, KS
Legendary Concepts, Wichita, KS Via Christi St. Francis, Wichita, KS
Marshmallow Kisses, Kansas City, MO Via Christi St. Joseph, Wichita, KS
Minneapolis High School, Minneapolis, KS Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, KS
Nelson Elementary, Haysville, KS West River Plaza, Wichita, KS
Oatville Elementary, Haysville, KS Wichita Clinic, Wichita, KS
Parsons High School, Parsons, KS Wichita State University Alumni Center, Wichita, KS
Pretty Prairie United Methodist Church, Pretty Prairie, KS Wichita State University-Fairmont Tower Renovation, Wichita, KS
Ratheon Beechcraft, Wichita, KS Wichita State University-Presidents Residence Renovation, Wichita, KS

Project Highlights

When a Memorial of a New Cross was given to 1st Presbyterian Church of Wichita, Wend-Wood was contracted to build this special wood piece. Using a design supplied by the Architect on the project, Wend-Wood created templates for approval then built a stunning piece to hang from the ceiling of the sanctuary. The piece incorporates molded trim, veneer and brass bars.
Cross Gallery

St. James Episcopal Church needed a rolling library that could be opened up for specific events, locked closed when not in use and able to be moved around as needed. Supplied with a design concept, Wend-Wood engineered and executed a functional product that met all of the project requirements. Researching different hardware to determine the best locking system to allow the security required, while still being simple enough that anyone could use the product in all of its functions.
St. James Gallery

Precision Pattern, Inc. (PPI) needed a rolling workbench built to a design PPI had created in house. Taking the design provided us, we executed the rolling workbenches to PPI’s specs.
Precision Pattern Gallery

The reception counter at the new Boys and Girls Club on Opportunity Drive in Wichita gave our craftsman the opportunity to work in two different materials that we normally would not have the opportunity to work with. The counter top and hood top were machined from Dakota Burl (http://www.environbiocomposites.com/products.htm), a board product made from sunflower seed shells. The hood top is supported on a metal frame. Together these two materials give the reception counter a very unique and memorable look.
Boys & Girls Club Gallery

For the South Branch YMCA we built a multi-color cubbie unit for thier family area. The cubbie backs in some cubbies are offset while in every other cubbie the back is removed.
YMCA Gallery


Problem Solvers

In addition to being a supplier of products, we are also a supplier of solutions. Below are some highlights of how we have provided real world solutions for real world problems.

Problem: The architect wants a specially shaped wall, soffit or step, but the contractor needs a way to build it right the first time without breaking the budget.

Every day, new ideas are introduced into building design. Walls, soffits, and steps of all shapes find their way into various projects. Often times, the contractor is left wondering how they can build something as close to the architects vision in a cost effective manner. Using precut templates of complex shapes allows the contractor to build to a proven layout with confidence. With the technology and precision of our production facilities, Wend-Wood is able to cut templates of almost any shape an architect can draw. The general contractor can use these templates to test the shape in the real space, to gain architect approval of the final layout and as a cost effective building tool.

When the architect designed the layout of a food court renovation in a dormitory, they envisioned a curving cloud-like soffit. The plans called out for very specific arcs and curves. Wend-Wood produced a template of the outline of the curved edge of the soffit using our software and our CNC-Router. The template was approved by the Architect and when the General Contractor built the soffit, they already had the necessary layout of the curves of the soffit. When the soffit was completed it reflected the original design the architect had created and the use of the template allowed the contractor to build its many radius's nearly as easily as building a straight soffit.


Problem: The project is being designed as it is being built.

Design build projects introduce their own unique issues to be addressed. Wend-Wood can work with any design-build project to produce the cabinetry and millwork necessary to complete the project. We can coordinate our production schedule with the build schedule to keep our products synchronized with the pace of the project.


Problem: The cabinetry is ordered but the supplier is unable to deliver it in time!

We have taken on many projects over the years to help a customer meet a deadline when their original supplier could not. These projects have ranged from a simple laminate counter top to large multi-phased projects. Often when we are approached with this type of problem, the customer is already up against a schedule crunch. It is our goal whenever we step in to help a customer out in this situation that we provide the work in a time frame that is as close to the original schedule as possible. Thus, keeping the impact on the original project down to as little as possible.

A Hair salon in Wichita found out several weeks before moving to a new location that most of their cabinetry had not been ordered by their supplier nor would the cabinetry be ready in time for their opening if they stayed with that supplier. The owners of the salon came to us to see if we could help them out. We were able to provide them their cabinetry and reception counter in time for them to make their move and open at their new location with minimal impact.

When a large hospital project in South West Missouri’s schedule changed, the original supplier was unable to fit the project in due to prior commitments. We were approached about producing all of the millwork for the multi-phased project. We were able to dynamically add capacity to our own production schedule to meet the needs of this large institutional project. We produced and delivered the cabinets and millwork in-step with the projects construction schedule allowing the general contractor to complete the project with little impact.


Problem: You are an architectural cabinet and millwork shop and you find yourself overbooked.

All of us in the architectural cabinet and millwork industry understand how fluid and dynamic project schedules can be. It is not unheard of for a cabinet shop to find themselves overbooked as projects move forward and backward. Over the years, Wend-Wood has been able to supplement the production of several other millwork shops who find themselves out of production capacity. This assistance has ranged from small runs of various products to large multi-phased facilities.


Problem: The project is almost complete but lacking cabinets or millwork.

All of us at one point or another have one of those moments where we know there is something we are forgetting or we are running out of time to do something we had planned to build ourselves. From time to time, those things turn out to be cabinets or millwork. Maybe it is a small office renovation, a new retail store or any number of reasons to need our work in a hurry. Depending on your specs and Wend-Wood’s schedule, there is a very good chance that we can help you out with those smaller last minute projects. Wend-Wood has turned around many different projects such as coffee bars, reception desks, retail cash wraps and many other kinds of products in very short time frames.

A retail customer had contracted Wend-Wood to provide all of the display cabinets in their new store. The general contractor had planned to build the new cash wrap himself. As the deadline to open the new store approached the general contractor realized he was not going to be able to provide the cash wrap in time. We added the cash wrap to the job and delivered it on time, helping out both the customer and the general contractor in getting the store open on time.


Specialty Materials and Projects

From time to time, our projects call on us to use specialty materials and veneers. We have incorporated metal, structural pipe, glass, carbon fiber, tile, solid surface and other non-wood materials into our custom work. We have worked with cutting edge wood products such as environmentally friendly materials with low chemical content and board products made from sunflower seed hulls. We have produced products using rare wood veneers, specialty laminates and metal laminates.


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