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Responsible Options In Cabinetry and Millwork

As children, most of us learn the story of the Three Little Pigs; the first builds his house of straw, the second of sticks and the third of bricks. In the end the moral was of working hard and picking the best materials for the job. Back then there were not as many choices for materials as there are now. Today, we can find all kinds of responsible building and manufacturing materials made from all sorts of things, including sticks and straw.

Wend-Wood, Inc. is excited to be able to bring new options in cabinetry and millwork to those customers who are looking for new environmentally responsible options such as.

  • LEED® NC 2.2 MR 4.1, 4.2, 6 & 7 contributing products
  • LEED® NC 2.2 EQ 4.4 compliant products
  • Products fabricated from rapidly renewable agri-fiber boards
  • AWI Certified Products produced with responsible materials

Regardless of your goals, Wend-Wood, Inc. can produce environmentally responsible cabinetry and millwork in a variety of materials and options to suit your project. Whether you are wanting a responsible choice for peace of mind, want cabinets made from agri-fiber or have a LEED® credit strategy in mind, we would be happy to discuss your project. For more information about our LEED® contributing products please click on the links to the left.