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Founded in 1982 by Dan Wendell, Wend-Wood, Inc. has been a leader in the Commercial Casework and Architectural Millwork industry since its inception. Over many years, Wend-Wood has created a diverse portfolio of work.

Our commitment to high quality and standards are evident in our membership to the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI.) In addition to being a member of the AWI we have been a participant in the AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP) since it began in 1995. Over the Years employees of Wend-Wood have been instrumental in contributing to and shaping the standards of AWI and the QCP.

Wend-Wood, has strived to keep pace with technology advances that improve our production. In 1997, Wend-Wood added a CNC Router to its equipment arsenal, paving the way for a leap in production capabilities. With the evolution of technology, Wend-Wood has leveraged a computer based production ideology to increase accuracy, consistency and efficiency immensely.

On March 1, 2003 Ed and Daryl Markel purchased Wend-Wood, Inc. from Dan Wendell.

Ed Markel has over forty years of production knowledge. Ed left Master Machine Tool in 1996 after running the Hutchinson company for thirty-five years. Ed was President and past owner of Precision Pattern in Wichita from 1996 till 2001 when the company was sold.

Daryl Markel has over 17 years of production management. He was employed at Boeing, where he worked in the assembly area helping to solve problems to build a better product and later he moved into a management position. Daryl left Boeing in 2003 to become President of Wend-Wood, Inc.

Under Daryl's leadership, Wend-Wood implemented lean manufacturing and just-in-time principles to take further advantage of Wend-Wood's proven talent and technology. In 2006, Wend-Wood moved to the Microvellum production software platform that further expands our computer based design and manufacturing capabilities.

In 2008, Wend-Wood, Inc. continued to improve its efficiency and production capabilities with the purchase of a new Biesse Edgebander that leverages computer precision with simple and efficient operation.

Wend-Wood, Inc.  -  1816 Wabash   Wichita, KS 67214  -  Phone: (316) 264-1997  Toll Free: (800) 279-9363
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